Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgery, Bhopal

Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgery Bhopal was conceptualized and realized by Dr. Maneesha Shrivastava in November 2011. This was the first High-definition Laparoscopic Operating System in Bhopal and one of the first few in the Central India region. Technological development in surgical services has revolutionized the approach and management. Keeping in tandem with the pace of health care technology development. Laparoscopy Bhopal upgraded to 3D Laparoscopic Operating unit which was one of the first in the region. In Bhopal, it remains the only exclusive 3D operating system dedicated to Gynaecology.

The vision is to provide scientific, evidence-based, most recent standardized management to women. A significant time is spent with patients to explain the medical aspect of the health issues, treatment goals, pros and cons of each in plain simple local language and what she should expect from the treatment. This allays anxiety & helps patient to take a clear decision.

Our vision is to provide the Gold Standard in Minimal Access Gynaecological Surgery. The unit has the capability to handle all surgical complexities with ease and comfort. It is also becoming a center of choice for all surgically and medically high-risk patients because of a robust team, well-equipped intensive care unit, and equally equipped supporting diagnostic services. The unit is functional in the division of surgical services Gastrocare Hospital.