Laparoscopy is visualizing the inside of abdominal cavity through 5mm to 10mm access ports (formerly called as key hole surgery). This approach provides a very high level of precision and an immaculate surgery. The magnification and resolution provided on screen results in surgical comfort and accurate clearance in the most difficult and challenging cases. For example, in patients who have previous surgeries, gynecological cancers, frozen pelvis which means pelvic diseases with extensive adhesions between various organs which become challenging in conventional surgical approach. The magnification and resolution provided the 3D optics make such cases smooth and give appropriate clearance. The 3-dimensional cameras therefore are particularly advantageous for the depiction of fine anatomical structures due to improved special depth representation compared to 2D systems. It is particularly valuable for procedures that require high degree of spatial perception. 3D systems provide the monitor image that closely resembles the actual anatomy, thus simplifies the complex laparoscopic procedures.