Retroperitoneal Approach To a Fixed Adnexa (Tubo Ovarian Abscess)

Ovarian cyst , tubo ovarian mass, endometriosis or adnexal masses are disorders which affect young women impairing fertility and efficiency due to chronic pelvic pain with acute exacerbations. Enumerating a few conditions like endometriosis, tuberculosis, benign and border line ovarian cysts, ovarian abscess, para ovarian cysts etc. Conservative Laparoscopic Surgical Approach is the treatment of choice with good medical evidence presently. 3D Laparoscopy offers maximum resolution of the morpho-anatomy leading to a precise conservative surgery enhancing fertility and resolving symptoms. The aim of surgery is to restore the normal anatomy & preserves the function of organs.

A similar case video is attached below presenting a laparoscopic technique to such complicated cases. This demonstrates specifically the safe approach to such cases with laparoscopic principles of use of divergent forces, traction-counter traction, small yet economical and efficient movements for gentle tissue handling more important in such cases for simplified and safe Laparoscopic Surgery. “ Simplifying the Complex “. 

At start of Laparoscopy
Final picture at end of surgery